About Us


Specializes in localization of A.I. technology to suit the needs of the country. With our roots in Malaysia, Atilze A.I.’s proprietary AI technologies have placed us at the forefront of global AI industry development.

We believe that AI will unlock another era of global development, and that the R&D and deployment of computer vision and deep learning technologies will redefine human life as we know it and establish a new connection between us and the world at large. Not only will this transform society as a whole, but it will push mankind forward as well.

Strategic Partner:

Atilze A.I. is a strategic partner of Sense Time. SenseTime (商汤科技) is a Chinese technology company specializing in artificial intelligence and facial recognition, with offices across China, Hong Kong and Japan. Its products serve over hundreds of well-known companies and government agencies, across a wide range of industries including security, finance, smartphones, mobile Internet, robotics, and automobile.